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Study English: IELTS Preparation by Margot Politis

We will deep-dive through the study English IELTS preparation course presented by Margot Politis and produced by the ABC, Australia’s national public broadcaster. She holds an honors degree in Creative Arts & Drama Performance from Flinders University. Insearch team at the University of Technology, Sydney has drawn up the content for the learning series in association with Australia Broadcasting Network. UTS Insearch¹ is an established, international commercial provider of higher education.

Hello Readers

I planned to move as a resident to Canada when I got the feeling that being in the US was limiting the uprising of dreamy ideas. The brief unemployment consumed the expiring student work permit like a symbiote, it then shapeshifted as the visa issues. I was also fascinated to design an artificially intelligent travel platform. So, I had to take the IELTS test in Boston, MA. In the following posts, you will understand my choices of words, the writing style, and the cohesion as an author.